Tribute to the Witcher

Hey Folks!

I´m going to tell you an story about how this piece was left abandoned for 3 years. At the time i started the sculpt i just had finished the main quest and i was stoked. Totally immersed into good old Geralt´s world. But the results were awful and i leave the way it was to never touch that sculpt again. A couple of days ago i just loaded the game and free roam around that world, enough to made me pick that piece and actually finish it following the usual workflow i use at my job doing collectibles. Sometimes it takes time to end stories left unfinished but you have to do it , better later than never. Little tribute to one of the greatest ;)

Rodrigo a branco geralttribute6

White wolf 2017

Rodrigo a branco geralttribute1
Rodrigo a branco geralttribute2
Rodrigo a branco untitled 51
Rodrigo a branco geralttribute5
Rodrigo a branco geralt3
Rodrigo a branco geralttribute4
Rodrigo a branco geralt1
Rodrigo a branco geralttribute3
Rodrigo a branco geralt

Old one 2014