WonderSheHulk wip

My entry for this year comicon challenge. themed fusion, i´ve choosed to merge two awesome super hero ladies. wonder woman and she hulk. Still on development but you can follow the more wip shots through here http://www.gameartisans.org/forums/threads/64214-Comicon-15-3D-WONDER-WOMAN-SHE-HULK
There´s still a month to finish this, so i´ll probably make a detailed pedestal and refine everything ;)

Rodrigo a branco wondershehulkwip17
Rodrigo a branco wondershehulkwip29
Rodrigo a branco wondershehulkwip20
Rodrigo a branco wondershehulkwip21
Rodrigo a branco weaponsbakes2
Rodrigo a branco weaponsbakes1